RED’s New Raptor Full-Frame Cinema Camera Can Shoot 8K at 120 FPS

RED announced the V-Raptor full-frame camera, a 35.4-megapixel model that can shoot 8K at 120 frames per seconds and 4K at a stunning 240 frames per Second.

Raptor’s new 8K multi-format sensor is said to be “groundbreaking”. It can shoot large format 8K and 6K in super 35, and it allows filmmakers to shoot at high resolutions. Many high-resolution cameras, including the Raptor, are not designed to deliver films in 8K and 6K. Instead, they provide enough resolution to allow editors to make adjustments in post and still be able to deliver final films in 4K.

RED claims its sensor has the best dynamic range and fastest scan time of any RED camera. It is a rolling shutter sensor that does not have a global sensor. However, it can capture 600 frames per second at 2K resolution. This allows it to deliver Full HD content.

There are many framerate options available for the Camera, ranging from 2K to 8K. The most impressive of these is the 8K at 120 frames per seconds in 17:9 aspect. Or the 4K at 240 frames per Second in 17:9 aspect. Although the camera can jump a bit higher at 150 frames per second at 8,K, the aspect ratio gets tighter from 8,192×4,320 to 8,192×3,456 pixels.

The Raptor comes with a Canon RF locking mount. According to the company, it is identical to the one on the RED KOMODO. It is compatible with third party lens adapters. This allows the use of PL and EF lenses with electronic control support. The camera records to a CFexpress 2.0 type B card that can store RAW R3D or ProRes files at up to 800 MB/s. Three main recording modes are available: REDCODE HQ, which records at up to 360 MB/s at high frame rate for high-end VFX, MQ, which records standard cinematic footage up to 300 MB/s and LQ mode, which shoots up 180 MB/s for web streaming and long takes.