Photo Book Showcases the 8 Remaining Bear Species on Earth

Remembering Wildlife is currently working on a book that will include photos of eight species of bears still found in the wild. They will receive all profits from the sale.

The Remembering Wildlife charity has created several photo books to highlight endangered species and raise funds for their protection. They are supported by famous photographers and celebrities around the globe.

The book “Remembering African Wild Dogs” was previously published. This campaign was designed to increase awareness about endangered African wild dogs, as only 6600 are left due to habitat loss, conflict with humans, and other predators.

Highlighting the Eight Remaining Bear Species

The organization today launched its latest Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds to produce the seventh book of the collection, “Remembering Bears”.

Bear fundraising book

Eight species of bears remain on Earth, including the Andean bears and American black bears as well as Asian black bears and Asiatic bears. Six bears are listed as endangered or vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation and Nature. This is due to climate change, human–wildlife conflict, and other factors.

Photo by Tim Laman
Bear fundraising book
Photo by Fredrik Granath
Bear fundraising book
Photo by Pete Oxford
Bear fundraising book
Photo by Andrew Parkinson

Images are donated by many wildlife photographers including Art Wolfe and Marsel van Oosten. Morten Jorgensen took the cover photo for this year. He has also written a book on polar bear conservation.

Bear fundraising book
Photo by Amy Gulick
Photo by Vladimir Cech Jr.
Photo by Marsel van Oosten
Photo by Tin Man Lee

“This is why Remembering Wildlife and other organizations need to step in and fill the gaps.”

To ensure publication, the Kickstarter campaign must raise at least PS20,000 ($26 281).

Photo by Andy Skinner
Photo by Suzi Estzerhas

You can find more information about Remembering Wildlife as well as past books of photography on the website.