How to Remove the Reflection in Glasses

A glare on your subject’s glasses is one of the easiest ways to ruin a great photo. Photoshop can easily remove minor glare from glasses. To make it even easier, I will share a few tips with you later in this post. If you avoid these common mistakes, it is possible to avoid reflections when shooting. Let’s first look at how to get rid of reflections in glasses you already own.

How to Remove Reflections from Photoshop

First, open Photoshop and zoom in on your image (Command + for Mac, Control + for PC) to see the reflection. In this example we will fix the reflection on the left-hand side of the glasses.

Two steps are required to remove reflections. We’ll first fix the color. Then we’ll fix it’s brightness. In the layers panel, create a blank layer. This layer can be changed to Color by changing its blend mode.

To select the eyedropper tool, press “I” on your keyboard. You will now be able to sample colors from the image and then use the brush (B) for painting color onto the photo. Every time you paint in a new location, you will need to resample the image with the eyedropper. It is important to sample a color that is similar to what you would expect behind the glare.

You should adjust your brush harness to 50% before you begin painting. Then you can paint color onto reflections. The colors you have painted should be accurate, but not too bright.

Next, create another layer. Change the blend mode to Luminosity. Luminosity is not like the Color blend mode. This modifies the color of the pixels that you paint on. Luminosity affects only the lightness values. We will be using black to remove reflections. You can adjust the opacity to 10% and the hardness to 50%. You can use a brush to cover the bright spots so that they blend in with other parts of the image.

Finally, you can use the Spot Healing Brush (J) to address any trouble spots. Grab the Spot Healing Brush (J) to create a new layer. The Spot Healing Brush (J) can be set to 50% Hardness and 30% Spacing. Click and drag any spots visible from the reflection. Make sure that any changes made are as seamless as possible.

Your changes do not have to be perfect. The more severe the reflection, the harder it will be to get rid of. Remember that the photo is viewed at a very close zoom level. Any imperfections you cannot remove will not be apparent when looking at the entire image. These techniques can be used to correct reflections in glasses. Practice makes perfect. This will improve your chances of getting better results.

Apps for Use

The best way to remove reflections from glasses is to use Photoshop. There are many mobile apps that can provide excellent results. These mobile apps can be used to remove reflections from glasses when you are on the move and cannot access Photoshop on your computer.

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile is the ultimate all-in-one editor for photos. You can make regular edits to your photos and also use the masking tool to fix any issues. To minimize distracting glare, tap and drag your finger.

Retouch Me: Face & Body Editor

Retouch Me, in addition to many other tools for improving the face and body, has the perfect feature to remove glare from glasses. You can “Remove Glare from Glasses” under the “Face” section. This is the fastest way to get rid of glare and reflections. It takes just a few clicks.


The PhotoDirector:Photo Editor app is a great app that allows you to edit your photos with an intuitive interface. The app doesn’t have an option to automatically remove reflections from your glasses. PhotoDirector allows you to remove reflections from glasses in a number of ways. You can start by using the retouching tools. You may be able to get better results by spending more time on retouching with the color cloning software. You will select spots that have received reflections and replace them with similar spots in your image.

Fotogenic: Photo Editor

Fotogenic: The Photo Editor app offers tons of ways to edit photos. You can also select to edit certain areas. To remove reflections from your photos, you can tap on one spot and make adjustments. The app supports cloning similar to the ones mentioned above.


Snapseed is a popular app for photo editing. Snapseed offers a variety of amazing features, both advanced and beginner. You can easily remove reflections from glasses or other objects using the tools available to make local adjustments. You can also use filters and effects to reduce reflections and bring attention to your main subject.

How to Avoid Reflections when Shooting

It’s not fun to fix reflections on glasses. There are some precautions you can take next time you go out to shoot so that you don’t spend too much time fixing the glare in post-processing.

Identify the problem

Consider first why reflections are visible through glasses. This is usually due to the angle your model is photographed from or the angle they are facing. Reflections can be eliminated by having your model move the camera slightly or turning their head in a different direction. If your model is unable to move away from the reflection, you can have them tilt their glasses slightly down. The model should be able to see the reflection, but not too much to make them look stupid.

Adjust Your Lighting

Adjust your lighting if artificial lighting is causing reflections. A softbox or diffused lighting will reduce the direct light source and thus lessen the glare. In direct, harsh light, reflections thrive. This type of light will make reflections in your photos very apparent. The light can be adjusted to adjust its position. You can adjust the position of the light to reduce harsh reflections. For best results, try to adjust the lighting slightly higher or lower than your model.

Change your direction

Consider the direction you are shooting if you are outside shooting with natural light. If reflections are a problem, you can have your subject shoot in the shade or with sunlight to their back. To reduce reflections, your model can tilt their glasses down or turn their head slightly, just like before.

Use a filter

To reduce reflections from glasses, you can try a circular polarizing lens. Polarizing filters reduce glare from glass, water, and foliage. A polarizer can be used to reduce the glare on glasses by dialing in. Make sure you get the correct size circular polarizer for your lens’ front. It is easy to use once you are out in the field. It is as simple as screwing it into your lens threads. Then you can turn the front of the polarizer to reduce the glare. Use a polarizer to darken your photos. To compensate, you will need to adjust the settings of your camera.


It’s not fun to remove reflections from photos. Avoiding reflections in photos will save you a lot of time. You can fix most reflections in glasses if you put enough effort and time into it, but it won’t always look perfect. To avoid reflections in your photos, make sure you know all the tips so you don’t have to spend time fixing them again. These tricks can be used to remove reflections from glasses if all else fails. These tricks will hopefully make it easier to not ask your models to remove their glasses while you take photos.