Henning Larsen Designs Experience Centre in Gothenburg for Car Manufacturer Volvo

Henning Larsen presented the design for World of Volvo. This experience centre will be a showcase for Swedish architecture and landscape. The project is currently under construction and features a circular timber structure. It is modern in its approach to traditional construction materials, but it also reflects openness and a close relationship with the environment. 

The project is located in Gothenburg’s Event District, which houses many museums, parks, entertainment venues and other attractions. It will combine talks, talks, music and food into one destination. The Swedish concept of “Allemansratten” is the basis of the project. It refers to the fundamental rights of all citizens to the natural world and the freedom to roam on any land. The circular design encourages visitors to explore the site regardless of whether or not they visit the exhibitions. Landscape design with pine trees, moss, and shrubs creates a Swedish forest environment.

© Kvant1

World of Volvo’s deep connection with Scandinavia has allowed us to explore the relationship between architecture, the natural environment, and landscapes. – Soren Ollgaard, Design Director at Henning Larsen

The structure was constructed using Glulam timber, locally sourced CLT and is inspired by a tree canopy. The three “tree” trunks of the building have exhibition spaces, vertical circulation, and service functions. The open space between the trees is left mostly empty. The seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces is made possible by floor-to-ceiling glad façades.

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The current timber revival is a catalyst for architecture. New milestones in timber construction are being achieved at a rapid pace. However, aesthetic expression has not kept up with structural developments despite great strides. World of Volvo was an exciting opportunity to push boundaries. We hope it can set a new standard in the many ways that timber can be used in architecture. Filip Francati, Lead Designer at Henning Larsen