App That Sends Photos Direct to Your Friends’ Home Screen Raises $12.5M

Locket, an app that allows you to share photos directly to your family and friends’ homes screens, just announced that it had received $12.5 million in funding.

Open AI CEO Sam Altman has funded the app and it has been downloaded more than 20 million times. The app allows users to upload photos to another person’s smartphone.

Even the app has a sweet history. It was created by Matt Moss, founder of Locket, as a gift to his girlfriend. This allowed them to stay in touch while they navigated long distance relationships.

Moss told TFN, “I wanted to find ways to reduce the distance between me and my wife,”

They were too personal, high friction or boring. The Locket idea came to me and I built it in a few weeks. It was like magic to receive updates from her throughout each day right on my homescreen.

“We have shared over 1,500 photos to one another in the past six months using the app.”

Locket App

Moss, a love-struck woman, seems to have found a great idea. It has been ranked number one in more than 30 countries since it was released on the App Store on January 1.

Moss believes Locket can make smartphones feel more personal, by showing people’s favourite people in the center of the screen.

He tells Tech Crunch, “I feel phones have felt very impersonal for quite a while now as everyone opens their phone up to the same types of generic apps.”

Locket App

“I believe we have an opportunity for that to be flipped so the phone feels like a center where your favorite people are.

“That’s our long-term vision, especially in a time where a lot social media is shying away content from your friends. We need to keep up with those we really care about.”

According to the company, the app appeals to Gen Z’s taste. They tend to be more interested in personal connection than 1,000 Facebook friends.