15 Best Things to Do in Mildura

Mildura, Victoria’s Food Bowl, is home to massive amounts of grapes, citrus fruits, avocados, wheat, and wine grapes.

Mildura is a great place to explore the world of agriculture. There are many wineries and open farm right next door.

The Murray River was a key part of Mildura’s history, helping to irrigate farms and transport their cargo.

This is how the massive waterway was made navigable by Mildura in 1920s. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon riding or walking along the city’s riverfront.

Feast Street runs through the heart Mildura, a street packed with restaurants and rich in Art Deco architecture.

1. Lock 11

Lock 11

It was not always easy to navigate Australia’s longest river, due to its vulnerability to flooding and sometimes completely dry.

Mildura needed to bring its wine grapes, citrus fruits, and wool to market. This was the solution. It was developed in the 1920s.

Lock 11 is an engineering marvel: It is composed of 24 steel trestles that each weigh 11 tonnes. However, the weir can be removed completely from the river during floods.

The lock is made of concrete and can hold 4.5 million litres. It is also filled with water via two tunnels.

After you have seen a boat pass through the locks, you can walk to Lock Island’s tranquil parkland. It is open during daylight hours and offers a great view of the weir at its south-east corner.

2. Wineries and vineyards

Vineyard in Mildura

Mildura and the surrounding areas account for more than three quarters all of the grapes grown within the State of Victoria.

Many Australian wineries actually source grapes from this region.

Traditional varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay thrive in Mildura’s warm Mediterranean climate with low rainfall and plenty of sunlight.

You’ll have the freedom to explore a wine region that has been producing wines since 1891. Mildura’s CBD is just a short drive from dozens of vineyards, cellar doors (tasting areas), which include some of Australia’s most respected names.

For example, the Trentham Estate is just 15 minutes away. It has an idyllic location right on Murray River.

The cellar door offers estate-grown Shiraz and Merlot wines, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Gris. You can also enjoy a fine meal at the restaurant with a menu that incorporates Mildura’s fresh produce.

3. Mildura Riverfront

Mildura Riverfront

The Murray River offers public access to all its banks.

The State of Victoria has required that a 60-metre strip of green be placed along the south bank since 1881 to protect against erosion and floods, as well as provide a place for public recreation.

Mildura’s river is an important asset. In recent years, they have been working on riverfront redevelopment projects.

You can find a series of parks along the riverside from Rio Vista to the north through Jaycee Park to Ornamental Lakes Park.

You can also board a paddle steamer to cruise the Murray. This is also where you will find the Mildura Water Park, which is a popular spot for families with young children.

You will find mature trees, manicured lawns, picnic areas, and other amenities along the route. There is also a lot of indigenous sculpture, as well as places to enjoy coffee and watch the river flow.

4. Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

This horticultural attraction on the Murray is billed as the first semi-arid botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s where the desert literally springs to life.

More than 20,000 plants are found here. A good half are scientifically labeled.

They come from Australia and New Zealand as well as Africa, Europe, North and South America.

The mature eucalyptus Mallees are particularly impressive, with a lifespan of up to 2,500 years. Meanwhile, the stunning rose garden has over 1,600 bushes that have been arranged in coordinated colour schemes.

You can enjoy a tractor-train ride through our gardens on Saturday mornings at 11:00.

5. Feast Street

Feast Street

Langtree Avenue is Mildura’s main shopping & dining street since its inception.

A pedestrian mall is located on a block between Eight Street and Ninth Street. The palm- and gum-lined stretch to the north has been nicknamed Feast Street due to its many cafes, bars, and a wide range of restaurants.

Mildura’s balmy nights and warm days allow for plenty of outdoor seating. There are also many terraces along the footpaths. On special occasions, the street is closed to traffic.

You will also find a lot of beautiful old architecture, many of it in the Art Deco Style. 20), which is a converted cinema and the T&G Building from the early-1940s at the corner Eight and Langtree. It’s hard to miss its clock tower.

6. Mungo National Park

Mungo National Park

Mildura is the nearest city to the stunning landscape, which is a big deal for Australia.

Mungo National Park, a sacred place of worship for many Aboriginal Nations, is tightly protected. It is made up of white dunes, dried-up lakebeds, and other features that make it look like the moon.

This is where the 40,000-year old remains of Mungo Lady & Mungo Man, both 40,000 years-old, were found. They were preserved by low humidity and sand.

Each year, new archaeological discoveries are made in the park.

The visitor center allows you to get in touch and learn about this area’s natural and human history.

You can get an Aboriginal perspective by taking a guided tour. This will allow you to see ancient burial sites as well as fireplaces that have been around for over 40 millennia.

7. Murray River Cruises

Mildura Riverfront Cruise

Mildura Paddlesteamers, a local tour company, maintains a fleet three paddle steamers that set off on cruises along the Murray River every day of the year.

The P.S. is the flagship and most active ship. Melbourne was built in 1912, and rebuilt in 1965. This departs Mildura Wharf twice daily for two hour cruises. They are accompanied with commentary and glide downstream to Lock 11. The vessel is all-weather and has heating and glazed indoor areas. There’s also a snack and drink kiosk.

The collection also includes P.V. Rothbury (1881), and P.V. Mundoo is a replica from an 1875 original, catering to less frequently scheduled lunches, dinners, and winery cruises.

8. Mildura Arts Centre

Mildura Arts Centre

Rio Vista Park is the city’s arts hub.

This theatre seats 444 people and is available for live music, talks, and dance.

Mildura’s art collection is available to view at the gallery’s rotating show, which also hosts traveling exhibitions.

A cafe/bar is available for pre-show refreshments. The centre is also set in a beautiful landscaped sculpture garden.

The Rio Vista Historic House is located nearby and has a three-storey structure that dates back to 1889. It houses more than 1,000 period items.

William Benjamin Chaffey owned the property. He was instrumental in introducing modern irrigation systems into Australia.

9. Fossey’s Ginporium & Whisky Distillery

Fossey's Ginporium and Whisky Distillery

The Setts landmark building on Eighth Street houses a family-owned Gin distillery and tasting area.

Fossey’s artisanal infused Gins include imaginative creations such as Christmas Pudding, Gin Toddy and Hot Cross Bun, Rose Petal, Rose Petal, Rose Petal, Desert Lime and Rose Petal.

These are based on Mildura’s high-quality produce. This also appears on The Gourmet Chef’s nibbly food menu.

It is best to visit the Ginporium on Thursday, 14:00. This is when you can learn all about distilling gin or whisky.

You can then order a tasting pad to help you distinguish the subtle differences among the infusions.

10. Mildura Holden Motor Museum

Mildura Holden Motor Museum

This private museum traces the history of Holden cars, starting with the late-1940s 48-215 sedan and ending with the most recent Statesman or Monaro models.

Ron Morello opened the collection to the public in 2016, which is something that makes it unique. The collection has more than 30 models, each one beautifully restored. There is also a timeline and memorabilia hanging on the walls.

You can take a break in the cafe which is decorated with more Holden artifacts. It serves a variety of sweet treats, cold and hot drinks, and quick bites.

11. Orange World

Orange World

The 20-hectare working citrus farm welcomes guests to the property for three tours per day, seven days a semaine.

This informative ride will take you through an avocado orchard on a tractor train that seats 70 people.

Visit Orange World during the harvest season to see the hustle and bustle of Orange World, while September brings the farm to its full bloom and sweet aroma.

The tour includes fruit and juice tasting, as well as an educational talk at nursery and a tower view to see the orchard.

12. Merbein Common

Merbein Common

This floodplain reserve is located in the Murray River meander, just a bit north-west from Mildura.

The nationally significant wetlands of Merbein Common have been restored to their former glory thanks to a massive state-wide restoration program.

This site is ideal for outdoor recreation.

It is possible to hike alongside the river amongst black box and red-gum woodland and then out into open areas to view the waterfowl.

The reserve offers a campsite for free, as well as a boat ramp that allows you to fish or simply explore the wetlands at your leisure.

You can swim in designated areas because the river water is crystal clear.

13. Old Wentworth Gaol

Prison Tower at Wentworth Gaol

Just a short distance from Mildura, there is a well-maintained 19th century gaol located in Wentworth, just across the Murray River.

This structure was constructed from locally fired brick and bluestone dressings, sourced approximately 500 km away in Malmsbury (Victoria).

The original purpose of the gaol was to keep prisoners safe until 1927. After that, some of its facilities were converted into a school and used for a few decades.

The basic structure and cellblock were preserved throughout, making it an informative museum that paints a vivid, if somewhat spooky, picture of colonial prison life.

A self-guided tour provides ample information about Wentworth’s story in the late-19th Century. It is illustrated on mounted boards that include lots of black-and-white photography and historical documents.

14. Woodsies Gem Shop

Woodsies Gem Shop

This family-owned jewelry shop is larger than its name implies. It’s a great tourist attraction, especially if you are visiting with your family.

Free grinding and cutting demonstrations are offered daily at 11:00 and 12:30. During these demonstrations, you can see how jewelry is made and how precious stones are polished and cut.

The Woodsies Gem Shop features a maze that spans almost half a hectare. Aladdin’s Cave is the highlight of the garden, which houses the Woods family’s vast collection of fossils, crystals and gemstones sourced from all over Australia.

15. Sunraysia Farmers Market

Sunraysia Farmers' Market

You can be certain that farmers’ markets in Victoria’s food bowl will be extraordinary.

Mildura’s market takes place on the first and third Saturdays of each month, from 08:00 to 12:00 at Jaycee Park along the Murray River.

You can find world-class, seasonal fruits and vegetables there, as well as all other goodies such wine, sauces.

The market also features a volunteer-run stall that serves delicious breakfast dishes as a showcase of all the wonderful produce.

You can also enjoy live music, cooking demonstrations and other fun activities to keep your children entertained.