15 Best Things to Do in Bomaderry

Bomaderry is located on the Shoalhaven River’s north bank, just across from Nowra which is the main settlement in Shoalhaven.

Bomaderry is almost in the same area as Nowra, and there are many attractions nearby, including Shoalhaven Zoo, Meroogal’s historic house museum Meroogal, and the sheer cliffs that line the river.

Bomaderry is also well-placed for cruises on the Shoalhaven River, as well as trips out to the Shoalhaven Coast Wine Regional to cellar doors.

You can drive down the coast to reach the Jervis bay national park, which is known for its stunning array of natural habitats and powder-white beaches.

1. Shoalhaven Coast Wine Region

Bomaderry lies in the middle a large wine region that follows the coast from Kangaroo Valley to Milton.

This region is known for its vineyards that are planted on steep, north-facing slopes and lush green valleys. It has been a hot spot in the last few decades.

The Shoalhaven Coast is known for its warm summers that are offset by the Pacific. It is also known for red grapes such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chambourcin.

This variety is particularly good because it can withstand sometimes wet summers and makes great young wines.

Bomaderry is a great place to explore the area.

Three wineries are located in the immediate vicinity of the town: Two Figs Winery and Collangatta Estate, as well as Mountain Ridge Wines.

2. Shoalhaven Zoo

A few minutes west of North Nowra, the riverside zoo houses all the iconic species that are associated with Australia.

There are many species of wallaby and kangaroo, including wombats, echidnas and koala species.

Shoalhaven Zoo has many exotic animals including lions, meerkats, and other domestic animals.

The park covers 16 acres of native bushland and includes the stunning cliffs that surround the Shoalhaven river.

Every day, there are animal shows between 11:00 and 15:00. Or you can choose from one of a variety of special packages for an unforgettable experience.

For instance, the Ultimate Aussie Experience lets you hold a snake, cuddle a koala and even touch a salty.

3. Fleet Air Arm Museum

HMAS Albatross is located just outside Bomaderry. It is the air main station of the Royal Australian Navy’s aero branch. Its history dates back to 1942. This museum was opened in 1990 and has a collection that spans five decades.

This fleet includes more than 30 aircraft and helicopters as of 2020. They are mainly displayed in a two-storey, 6,000m2 exhibition centre.

Some of the most notable exhibits include a twin-boom de Havilland Sea Vampire and an anti-submarine Grumman S-2 Tracker. A variety of British and American models are represented in the collection, including Bells Sikorskys, Westlands, and Sikorskys.

The museum also houses a number of aviation artifacts, as well as a theatre for audiovisual presentations. There’s also an observation platform that overlooks HMAS Albatross.

4. Meroogal

This weatherboard Carpenter Gothic house in Nowra is a treasured piece of heritage. It was once home to four generations women from the Macgregor and Thorburn families.

This property was built in 1880s. It captures the lifestyle, tastes, and role of women over the years, as well the culture of rural New South Wales.

Meroogal is full of the belongings of families, including furniture, ornaments, books and photographs as well as art, photos, diaries, appliances at home, clothing, and other documents.

You’ll be able to see the inside of the house and learn about their lives, hobbies, and skills. The garden blooms in spring, and it has been restored to its 1920s design.

5. Treetops Adventure Nowra

A thrilling high-ropes course is located in the forest canopy at Shoalhaven Zoo. It integrates the river cliffs.

Trees Adventure is a combination of testing transitions such as cargo nets and swinging wooden obstacles, rope bridges and monkey bridges. It also includes 13 high-adrenaline flying Foxes.

You might catch a glimpse from the trees of the zoo enclosures every now and again.

Six courses are available in different colours, with yellow being for children four through seven years old and black for those aged between four and seven. They are 15m above the forest floor, and come equipped with 21 challenges.

1.5-hour sessions include gearing up, and 15 minutes of tuition.

6. Grotto Walk

We have seen that the Shoalhaven River’s banks are lined by high sandstone rock cliffs just west of Nowra. There are also interesting nooks on both sides.

You can walk two kilometres to the Grotto, an impressive overhang located on the north bank west of the Nowra Bridge.

You’ll find yourself in dense stands of spotted gum or stringy park. Sometimes, you might be able to enjoy stunning views of the river.

It covers a relatively short distance but can be difficult because of the steep stone steps and scrambling over boulders.

7. Hanging Rock Lookout

Bens Walk is a 5.5-kilometre long trail that starts on the opposite side of Bomaderry’s Nowra Bridge.

For a short distance, the trail follows the Shoalhaven River’s south bank. Then it cuts along Nowra Creek before returning to the Shoalhaven.

Hanging Rock is the most spectacular point on the route. It’s a ledge that rises almost 50m above the river, from which you can see upstream to North Nowra and Grotto.

No better spot in Nowra Bomaderry to see the sun set than this.

It’s fun to get to this vantage point because there is a natural corridor that runs through a huge wall of rock.

8. Shoalhaven River Cruise

You can see the stunning cliffs, bushland and farms that line the Shoalhaven River from the water. There are companies available to take you there.

Shoalhaven River cruise is a family-run company that organizes trips on the Shoalhaven Cruiser, a multi-level vessel with multiple viewing platforms. It departs from the public wharf in front of Bomaderry.

You can choose to sail east towards Greenwell Point to get fish and chips or upriver for a 2.5-hour adventure to Red Rock. The skipper will provide commentary as you travel.

9. Nowra Fresh Fish & Meat Market

From Bomaderry, the Shoalhaven River is the closest to the largest wholesaler of fresh seafood and meat on the South Coast.

It doesn’t take a gourmet to appreciate the offerings here.

There are many cuts of meat that can be purchased locally. The seafood selection is incredible, with prawns and lobsters as well as oysters and other fish.

You can get fresh sushi and sashimi at the counter.

The market stocks wild meats like wild rabbit, wild boar, goat, emu and buffalo for something totally different.

10. Jervis Bay National park

The national park that protects the amazing biodiversity of South-East Bomaderry is located in the heart of the country.

Jervis Bay is rich in Aboriginal culture and has the most number of archaeological sites on the south coast.

These sites include rock art, coastal middens as well as axe-grinding grooves. They can also be found on special park excursions.

Nature is abundant with eucalypt forests, gullies dotted with rainforest, rare bangalay-sand forest, mangroves and powder-white beaches. There are also saltmarsh, wetlands, and many other natural features.

There are many experiences to be had, including bush-tucker walks and bird-watching expeditions. You can also snorkel in crystal clear waters, meeting beautiful wildlife at every corner.

11. Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

The museum is located right by Currambene Creek, surrounded by bush at Huskisson.

The historic shipyards have given the town a maritime heritage.

The museum’s star is actually the 33.7-meter MV Lady Denman, which was built in Sydney Harbour in 1912. In the 1980s, Huskisson returned this wooden vessel and it was then stored in a permanent shed until 1998.

Lady Denman, a preserved specimen of this type, is the last in NSW. It is accompanied by a multitude of models, photographs and nautical equipment.

12. Drawing Room Rocks

These unusual formations can be found at the Illawarra Escarpment’s edge in Berry, for an adventurous excursion.

Drawing Room Rocks is a place where the sandstone has been weathered to strange shapes that resemble chairs and tables.

The rocks offer breathtaking views of Kangaroo Valley.

The only problem is that they are literally on the edge of cliffs so you will need to be careful.

Drawing Room Rocks can be accessed via a loop of 4.5 km, which has many steep and difficult sections that require a 2.5-hour hike to get there and back.

13. Callala Beach

Bomaderry is about 20 minutes from the longest beach at Jervis Bay.

Callala Beach, like all beaches in the area, is blessed with pure white sandy beaches and sparkling aquamarine water.

The best place for swimmers is the northern end. It’s more protected by a small creek that is protected from high tide by a rock reef.

A boat ramp is located just up the hill from Callala Bay, a seaside community that offers trips to Jervis Bay for sailing, fishing, or snorkelling.

There is a good chance that you will see a dolphin pod during your trip.

Callala Beach also has Club Callala which features the Beach & Bay Bistro as well as an 18-hole course that is inhabited by kangaroos.

14. Nowra Farmers Market

South Coast produce has a stellar reputation. You can try it at this store near the Nowra Fresh Fish & Meat Market.

It is a permanent farmers market that sources its stock from a vast network of regional farmers and makers.

Stop by to get seasonal fruits and vegetables, cheeses, eggs, milk, yoghurts, breads, olives and spices. Also, you can find dips, honey and preserves. Sauces are also available.

The Nowra Farmers Market maintains close relationships with local growers so that fresh produce will be available within hours of being harvested.

15. Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre

Just a few minutes away from Bomaderry is a regional venue for performing arts.

The Shoalhaven Entertainment Center is a striking example of modern architecture. It opened in 2008 and boasts a large auditorium that can hold 1,200 people. The program includes comedy, classical music, comedy and dance as well as workshops, live gigs and musicals.

The complex also has a studio theatre for low-key performances. There is also the Encore Cafe and Bar in front of the building for pre-show drinks or meals.